About Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery

Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery is a program of Trips for Kids Denver Metro.

Statement of Purpose:

The Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery is a Social Enterprise whose purpose is to provide access to children, youth and families to affordable bicycle solutions, while training diverse youth with professional work skills in the shop.

The Bikes Re-Cyclery will be a community based retail bike shop selling used and new bicycles, parts, apparel, and service to underserved communities of Denver.

Trips for Kids Denver Metro’s Mission/Vision/Values


Trips for Kids Denver Metro builds healthy confident kids, by connecting diverse youth to the joy of cycling.


The vision of Trips for Kids Denver Metro is to be a community leader serving youth through its programs which promote health & fitness, environmental stewardship and personal empowerment – two wheels at a time.

Our Organizational Values:

Trips for Kids Denver Metro strives for excellence and quality in all facets of its programs.  These are the values by which we live by in our aim for excellence:

  • Safety
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Fun

About Trips for Kids Denver Metro

Kid-in-grassTrips for Kids Denver Metro is an independent, locally supported member of the national Trips for Kids organization. Founded in 1988 in Marin, California, Trips for Kids was established to provide inner city, at-risk youth the opportunity to experience the joys of the natural world while building confidence, and a sense of achievement from the seat of a mountain bike.  Based on TFK Marin’s successful organizational and program model, TFKD M was founded in 2001.

Trips for Kids Denver bMetro has been introducing youth to the joys of cycling for nine years, operating thee distinct programs. In that time, TFKDM has reached more than 7,200 youth.  Our Ride Program helps underserved youth explore nature and build their fitness and confidence via the seat of a mountain bike.  Our Earn-a-Bike Program teaches students the art and skill of bike maintenance and, at the programs end, awards them the bike they helped repair. Finally,  Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery, our mission driven social enterprise, fueled by donated bikes from the community which trains and employs urban youth to manage and run the community bike shop’s day-to-day activities.

To learn more about Trips for Kids Denver Metro, click here.